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Project Design Details

CDB Residence, Milton  ON

For a timeless look with a sense of warmth consider a painted glazed finish. Glazing adds a dimension of depth as details are highlighted by the application of a wiped stain over the base painted finish. This process may also be applied to stained woods to further enhance the finish and detail.


The main cabinetry door and drawer fronts are constructed of MDF which is an ideal surface for a painted glaze finish. The island is of stained Maple with a dark glaze for improved colour depth and richness. Wire mesh adorns the small upper cabinets and stove pull-out spice drawer fronts. The built-in refrigerator has cabinetry matching panels to minimize it's presence and eliminate visual competition with the adjacent built-in wall oven.



Feature Details


Cabinetry Main - MDF #642 "Bexlay"

Cabinetry Island - Maple #407 "Hamilton"

Colour Main - Glazed "Cappuchino"

Colour Island -  "Regal Cherry"

Counter Top - Caesarstone "Ginger"




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