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A Design Guide

Classic White Cabinetry

One of our most popular kitchen styles, classic white kitchen cabinetry provides a timeless look that spans across all decorative ages from old world through to contemporary. It's easy to see why this has become a style of choice.


The design versatility of a solid white finish is virtually unmatched and is limited only by one's creativity. Solid finishes may be applied to either paint grade wood, MDF one piece or MDF 5 piece door/drawer profiles providing a wider range of style and price options over other finishes. White finishes are also available in melamine laminates and thermo-foils.


Varying levels of sheen are available from low luster to high gloss in lacquer, melamine and thermo-foil. A high gloss white flat panel door is the ultimate modern/tech statement you can make.


Classic white kitchen cabinetry is the ideal foundation for counter tops, flooring and backsplash tiles of any style, finish or texture. With the inclusion of stainless steel appliances your statement may be serene or bold, traditional or modern.


As white is a neutral colour it offers in many situations a much wider choice when trying to select the other elements in your project. Most other textures and colours in counter tops, backsplash tiles and floor tiles work well with this neutrality. This is a real advantage if you find it too time consuming or difficult trying to find just the right coordinating item.





Graham T. Korbey

The Kitchen Abode



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