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Project Design Details

MOC Residence, Oakville  ON

This kitchen remodel is a great example of what can be acheived without the need to undertake extensive renovations. The original builder peninsula based layout was replaced with an L configured galley island configuration. Elimination of the protruding peninsula allows for uninterupted flow through and around with ample space and counter work area for two.


The simplicity of shaker recessed panel doors and drawers with straight stiles and rails is a popular choice and highly cost effective. The main cabinetry is a solid off-white colour providing an ideal backdrop for the darker stained island and the upper glass cabinets are perfect place to display that special dinner ware.


The island is differentiated from the main cabinetry using a dark stain maple and light marble styled engineered quartz counter top. The matching table can be repositioned to accomodate varying seating arrangements.



Feature Details


Cabinetry (main) - MDF Shaker #107 "Guardi"

Colour (main) - Solid Colour "Ultra White"

Cabinetry (island) - Maple Shaker #505 "Regency"

Colour (island) - Stained "Dark Secret"

Counter Top (main) - Caesarstone "Concrete"

Counter Top (island) - Caesarstone "London Grey"

Backsplash - Tumbled Marble 3" x 6" Brick Pattern




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