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A Design Guide

Project Planning

Here you will find an overall guide to the key tasks involved, their order and the main decisions required. It is important to provide sufficient time to obtain accurate estimations for all related work and to secure time and delivery commitments from trades and material suppliers. It may also be necessary to provide for a temporary kitchen area while the main kitchen is being remodeled.


General Renovations

Most kitchen projects will involve new flooring, electrical upgrading, lighting, plumbing, drywall, trim work and painting/decorating. Depending upon the degree of alteration, this work should commence 2-4 weeks in advance of the anticipated cabinetry installation date.


Cabinetry Installation

4-7 days depending upon level of complexity and volume of cabinetry. All necessary rough-in work, electrical, plumbing, etc. must be completed. Major appliances should be on-site and ready for installation.


Counter Tops

A Template is taken upon installation of necessary cabinetry and appliance components. Allow 2-3 weeks for fabrication. The counter top material, colour and edge profile must be finalized. The sink must also be on-site at this time. Taps and other counter top mounted items must be selected and on-site when installation is performed.



After installation of the counter top the backsplash is installed.


Final Renovations & Touch-ups

Trim work and painting/decorating will be completed. The sink drain, tap water supplies and the dishwasher will be hooked-up and remaining electrical such as cover plates and light fixture hanging will be performed. Minor adjustments and touch-ups will also be completed.



Throughout this process we will keep you fully informed of all daily activities and future work/scheduling plans in order to keep your project on track and to identify and resolve any issues or concerns you may have.



Graham T. Korbey

The Kitchen Abode



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