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Project Design Details

SHH Residence, Oakville  ON

The beauty of transitional painted white cabinetry is exemplified in this project. As can be seen in the before picture the original builder peninsula styled layout was crammed down one end of the available space. The new configuration now flows naturally within the floor space with the provision for built-in appliances and a spectacular island.


The glass uppers across the entire back wall cabinetry run imparts a strong focal point and helps to reduce the visual weight of the cabinetry. This weight reduction is also contributed by the all white colour scheme, translucent glass backsplash & stainless steel appliances.


A blend of modern and traditional elements combine together creating this transitional style. Hardwood flooring, natural stone counter tops, decorative pilaster island corner posts & island pendants compliment the more modern stainless steel appliances, glass backsplash & cabinetry hardware.



Feature Details


Cabinetry - MDF Shaker #105 "Van Gogh"

Colour - Painted "Ultra White"

Counter Top - Granite "Alaskan"

Backsplash - Translucent White Glass




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