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Stainless Steel

Make a bold statement about you and your lifestyle with a material that looks great and will last a lifetime.


Not just for appliances, stainless steel is a highly versatile material that is easy to be fabricated for use in a wide range of applications such as a backsplash, shelving, toe kicks or as an accenting element in combination with other cabinetry materials. There's no doubt that in contemporary, modern or transitional styles the addition of stainless steel can impart a look and feel that is unmatched by any other material.


  • Backsplashes

  • Toe Kicks

  • Accents

  • Shelving

  • Counter Top

  • Appliances


There are also a wide variety of stainless steel accessories such as utensil racks, canisters, book holders or even a special pot. They not only look great but are practical to use.



Graham T. Korbey

The Kitchen Abode



Stainless steel hood & backsplash
Stainless steel accessories
Stainless steel accents
Stainless steel hood, backsplash & shelving