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A Design Guide

The Design Process

The process taken to design and plan your project will ultimately determine the end result achieved and its success. Try not to underestimate the number of decisions to be made and the time required to properly evaluate them. As your kitchen remodel will likely be one of your more significant home improvement investments ensure it receives the attention to detail it deserves.



The following will assist in understanding this most important process.


  • An introductory meeting provides the opportunity to review the project and gain an overall understanding of important needs and our ability to meet them.

  • We will obtain measurements to permit the exploration of a preliminary conceptual design.

  • Initially these conceptual drawings will be focused upon basic cabinetry and appliance positioning to establish key functional elements such as workspace, primary storage and flow.

  • Subsequent designs provide increased focus on aesthetic elements including door/drawer style, colour/stain finish, moldings and other decorative elements to develop desired focal elements and visual appeal.

  • Throughout this we will also explore many other important elements like appliances, counter tops, sink, taps, tiles and lighting.

  • Final detailed design drawings, renderings and costing proposals are prepared along with the necessary all-important plan to achieve the desired result and to ensure success.



At The Kitchen Abode you are assured that we will take the necessary time to keep you fully informed and provide the time you need to make those many important decisions. We care passionately about our work and are always available to address your concerns and explore the possibilities, all within a uniquely relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.



Graham T. Korbey

The Kitchen Abode



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